Track Day Instruction

Vision - The element of track driving key to accurate, consistent racing lines and ultimate speed.

Corner preparation - Planning ahead, using 'vision' - where you will place your car, brake, turn, clip and exit. Leading to a more relaxed, smoother style and less frantic negotiation of corners.

Accuracy & Consistency - The importance of this and how it will lead to faster lap times and improved qualifying performance.

Mental and physical state - Why it is of great importance to be mentally and physically relaxed when driving, and how this will affect your style and pace.

Load management - 'Weight transfer' understanding the importance of managing weight tranfer and how it affects the balance of the car and the distribution of grip.

Traction circles - A graphic aid to understanding the effects of G-forces on grip and therefore braking, acceleration and cornering; helping to understand 'trail-braking' and its benefits.

Polar moments of inertia - The invisible force that helps you turn the car. How to make it work with you and understanding how it can sometimes work against you.

Use of the FULL width of the racing circuit - or not - Why it is important to use the full width of the race track most of the time, and, when, where and why it is sometimes effective not to!

Self-analysis - Understanding how to identify where you can improve, and how to adjust your style to suit your strengths.

Car control - Why 'reaction' is too late and how anticipation combined with practice makes car control become sub-conscious and second nature. Also understanding the different techniques between front & rear wheel drive.