No matter how talented you are behind the wheel of a racing car, you will get nowhere in motorsport without money behind you. Unless you have a bottomless pit of your own money, you are going to need sponsors, investors or partners. So how do you go about it?

First, it's not easy! Like selling any product or service you'll be told no many more times than you'll hear a yes. However, it's not impossible, you just have to go about it the right way.

Here's where I'm going to sign off! Rather than tell you myself I'm going to refer you to a friend and colleague of mine, Enzo Mucci. Enzo is himself an accomplished driver and driver coach, but he's also an expert in the mystical art of acquiring sponsorship.

Enzo runs EM Coaching LTD, The Racing Driver Coach and Get That Drive. If you really want to learn how to get sponsorship click on one of the banners on this page and get Enzo's tutorial...