TeamTiNat - Natalie Brookes - Natalie Bella Racing

Natalie'TeamTiNat' is a title created by a new client I'm going to be working with in 2017. It is made up from our names, Tim and Natalie. We're going to be working as a team on and off track to develop Natalie's racing.

Natalie is quite an amazing girl. She is a model and a grid girl, she has a full time job in field sales for a heavy lifting gear company, she has an HNC in Engineering, she is a racing driver, and on top of all that she's really nice person with a great personality!

I'll be working with Natalie on track, coaching her to improve on her already fast pace. I'm also going to be helping her try to find sponsors to help further her career, and I'm doing Natalie's website!

Natalie will be racing in the CNC  Heads Sports & Saloon Championship and the Classic Sports Car Club Tin Tops Championship in 2017. She's also going to be testing in a Ginetta G55 GT car.

We've also got plans to take part in some driving events events together! TBA!