I first drove a racing car, a Merlyn Formula Ford 1600, at the Jim Russell International Racing Driver's School at Mallory Park in 1972, aged 14. That was a Trial Lesson I'd saved up to do while still at school. I continued three years later with a full Jim Russell IRDS course at Silverstone Circuit in 1976 and a second full course at Jim Russell IRDS in 1977. I also completed a skid control training course at Jim Russell Snetterton.

Following the courses and some practice sessions, in 1978 I started racing with the Jim Russell Racing Drivers' Club (an offshoot of the school) in their own 'closed' races, and won the first race I ever took part in. I went on to do several races with the club and during that time.

After Jim Russell I gained a lot of experience through testing in a Formula Ford belonging to a friend who I helped to run his cars, and was paid in free testing throughougt 1979. I also did one race in 1979 win a National Championship  race, with a hired car.

In 1980 I acquired my own Formula Ford, albeit 3 years old, and competed in numerous Formula Ford races up until 1983 when I ran out of money. I had naively believed I could make it on talent alone and entered National level races, but soon realised that the drivers doing most of the winning had big budgets and it was nearly impossible to compete at that level on the limited budget I had. For example I raced during 1981, mostly funding it myself with a little help from a local business; I was working at the time and my annual gross salary was about £6,000. The same year a Brazilian driver called Ayrton (Senna) da Silva was winning nearly everything in Formula Ford with a works car and engine and a £30,000 race budget. I still managed some good results with my tired 3 year-old car and engine, usually finishing in the top 7 - 10 places.

Since the early 80's I have continued racing occasionally (when budget has allowed or someone else has paid) in a variety of classes.

More recently I have returned to Formula Ford in both Historic FF1600 and Classic FF1600.

I'm planning to do more in 2016.